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Want to "Shadow" Me for a Day?

Ever Wonder what a Doctor's Typical Day is like?  Come shadow me.
Ever wonder what a doctor's typical day is like? Come shadow me.

In medical training, students or trainees often "shadow" a senior doctor to learn from them. Shadowing simply means following a doctor around and not typically participating in the work #shadowadoc. Here's a taste of my typical day (last Wednesday, to be precise! 7:30AM - Arrive at work. Coffee and say hi to staff ☕ 7:45AM - A referring primary care doctor texts me - can I fit in his patient with an eye problem? Sure, of course! 👍 8AM - 12 PM See patients. I have 5 exam rooms, one camera room, and a computer workstation. Four medical techs and I continuously bounce around these rooms all morning. We're like pinballs. It's all about multi-tasking. One second I am reviewing retinal images, then the next I am prepping a patient's eye for an injection. Yes, I said eye injection (it's a common office procedure for me). Every doctor in my office sees "emergency" patients so I see a lot of different eye problems. Some patients need a quick antibiotic prescription while some patients have serious vision-threatening conditions. Emergency laser surgery for retinal tear? ☑️ I see a lot of senior citizens (retinal diseases such as macular degeneration commonly affect the elderly). My work is fast-paced, but I focus on making sure they don't feel rushed. Spotify playlist "All Out 60's" is filling the hallways (this and "All Out 50's" on heavy rotation recently) - gotta play to the crowd, right? 🎶 If you don't get along with the senior crowd, this job is not for you 👴👵 12PM - 1:30PM Partner Meeting. Business discussions. Diet Pepsi and Subway cold cut combo for lunch. Feeling guilty for enjoying my processed meats 😕 1:30PM - 5PM See patients. More bouncing around my rooms. I love it ❤️ 5PM - Debrief meeting with the techs. We discuss what went well today and what could be improved. We end up laughing and joking around 😂 5:30PM - Wish I could say I did something cool like attend Orange Theory or judo, but I just drive home and look forward to Netflix tonight...🚗 #Teamwork #greenwichophthalmology #greenwichct #drjerrytsong #ophthalmologist #optometrist #eyedoctor #healthylifestyle #fitness #vision #eyedoctor #eyecare #physician #doctor #doctorsofinstagram #doctor #SoMeDocs

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