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Merry Christmas! Don’t You Love that Holiday Music?

My favorite Christmas traditions include trimming the tree and listening to holiday music.

By today, pretty much everybody is sick and tired of Christmas music. But I have a secret - I love it!

It’s my guilty pleasure. I’ve been listening to holiday music every day since the day after Thanksgiving, and I can’t get enough of it! Typically, at work I play Spotify - usually it's “All Out 50’s” and “All Out 60’s” playlists which fill the hallways. But for the month of December, it becomes “Holiday Classics” and “Holiday Pop”. For the past 30 days, 8 hours/day (and sometimes 12 hours/day, when I work nights), these songs are on repeat. Jingle Bell Rock? Check. Santa Baby? Check. Feliz Navidad? Check. And that Wham song gets played at least once an hour, not to mention Mariah Carey. My staff changes the music on me when I’m in with patients, but I always switch it back. You think I’m joking about this, but it’s all true.

Today is the best day since anyone who criticizes Christmas music is generally considered a grinch. So on and on plays the music, with it concluding tonight in a wonderful crescendo! (ok, pardon me for the corny music joke. Anyone else out there a band camp alum?).

So when you hear Last Christmas playing today on the radio, please think of me!

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