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What Can Your Newborn Baby See?

What’s the most interesting part of a newborn baby’s development? Their vision, of course!

OK, so I may be a bit biased, but it IS cool! I’ve thought a lot about babies' eyes since I’ve become a new dad. But what can they actually see? Here's what you need to know:

🍼 Newborn to 1 Month

Newborns can see things in their peripheral vision, but their central vision needs time to develop. After birth, the retinas take several weeks to develop. In the first month of life, they start to discern light/dark and patterns. They can see things across the room (blurry), but they prefer to see objects up close. At this stage, babies' eyes don't work well together and the eyes can appear "crossed."

🍼 2-4 Months Old

At this stage, babies start to track moving objects. Also, the two eyes start working together and stop being "crossed." But if one eye constantly turns inward or outward or if they are not coordinated, parents should let their pediatrician know.

🍼 5-8 Months Old

At this age, babies are developing good depth perception and can see in three dimensions. They will recognize a parent across the room and smile! They can see objects outside when looking through a window.

Pediatricians are well-trained to examine babies' eyes and screen for serious vision problems. Of course, if you notice a problem with your baby's eyes, please let your pediatrician know. Pediatric ophthalmologists are always available to help whenever needed!

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